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As a New York State farm distillery, we are required to use a minimum of 75% New York State raw materials in our spirits. But, we are happy to announce that we use 100% unmalted New York State Grain for our Bourbon, Rye, and Vodka. We know our farmers on a first name basis, and we would like you to get to know them too!

Valley Malt.jpg
Iverness Farms.jpg
Cochecton Mills.jpg
Oechsner Farms.jpg

Cochecton Mills - This is where we get the majority of our corn. 

Oechsner Farms - This is where we get some of our rye and wheat. 

Valley Malt Farms - This is where we get our malted barley, malted wheat and malted rye.

Inverness Farms - This is where we get our wheat for our Vodka, and Rye Whiskey.

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